DC Partners Inc. dba Soligen 2006 is a design engineering firm and a boutique manufacturer of complex cast components made to aerospace quality standards.

The principals of DC Partners pioneered digital metal casting, developed and commercialized rapid prototyping equipment, the first and the best 3D printers for producing casting molds, developed innovative tooling solutions for sand, lost foam, permanent mold casting and related processes such as robotic vacuum casting.

Combining our equipment and process engineering and development skills with our metal casting experience, we have built a practice of producing superb cast components and assemblies effectively and rapidly.

Soligen 2006 has proven to be a reliable source for production of high quality prototypes, short and pre-production runs of metal parts.

Soligen 2006 provides the following services:

  • Engineering and CAD/CAM
  • Manufacture-ability Analysis. Conversion of Non Casting Designs into Cast Geometries, design of tooling points, form tools and fixtures for machining
  • Casting process optimization - for production volume and yield.
  • Digital Manufacturing of Prototype Parts
  • Design and Manufacture of Casting Tooling
  • Aluminum Foundry (Sand and Permanent Mold Casting)
  • Modern CNC Machine Shop
  • Computerized (CMM) Inspection of Parts to Aerospace Quality Standards
  • Assembly and Testing

Soligen 2006 is registered
 AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008

Certificate of Registration

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